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Susan Regier - Head Copywriter

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How much better would your business be if your prospects:

  • Clearly understood the value you offer?
  • Were excited to do business with you?
  • Could easily find you online?

Persuasive content is so much more than merely writing well. Every word matters! Your message must connect authentically and touch emotional triggers. High impact content grabs and holds your reader's attention, drives traffic, and maximizes conversions.

From SEO content and article marketing to print advertising and publicity, I work collaboratively with you to ensure the strategy and the content turns your products and services into experiences that your audience will be inspired to buy and share.

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Use the right words - distinguish your brand and increase sales!

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Web Content

Build relationships and entice action with a compelling message and a defined SEO content strategy.

Offline Marketing

Influence your market with purpose-driven post cards, brochures, advertisements and marketing letters.

Press Releases

Get free publicity in newspapers, magazines, radio and television - and increase traffic to your Web site.

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Share your story to create an emotional connection and attract your ideal audience.

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Become recognized as an expert in your industry through article marketing.

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"Engage Readers. Stir Emotion. Entice Action. The right words will change the way you do business!"

Susan Regier - Copywriter

Susan Regier

Owner, Head Writer

Susan Regier, Head Writer

Since 1997, Susan has helped entrepreneurs tap into their stories to connect, engage, and convert their audience from prospects to buyers. As a professional copywriter, brand storyteller, and marketing strategist, she works collaboratively with her clients to ensure their objectives are met and results are exceeded.

Susan uncovers the core essence of a brand - that unique piece that sets them apart from others in their industry - and then writes high impact content that grabs and holds a reader's attention, drives traffic, and maximizes conversions for various mediums including SEO Web content, sales letters, press releases, customer stories, advertising, articles, and professional bios.

In addition to her work with entrepreneurs and small business owners, Susan freelances with ad agencies and has created content for familiar brands such as Scotch� Brand Specialty Tapes, Post-it� Notes, Stihl�, Harley-Davidson, ED Smith, Vanier Flooring, and Energizer Batteries...and even helped to introduce the bagel to Japan for Maple Leaf Foods.

Along with her writing services, Susan offers private coaching programs through SusanRegier.com to help clients create a business they are passionate about, attract more clients, and ultimately, increase profits.

  • Expert Author featured on SelfGrowth.com and EzineArticles.com
  • Former creative writing instructor at Fanshawe College
  • Instructor at Small Business Centre (Marketing and Networking)
  • Former Publisher of NetworkingToday.com, an online resource for entrepreneurs and sales professionals
  • Member Grand Bend Chamber of Commerce
  • Member South Huron Chamber of Commerce
  • Board of Directors Victim Services Huron County (Marketing & Fundraising Chair)
  • Board of Directors St. Jospeh Shores Association (Secretary)
  • Member of the Better Business Bureau
  • Recipient of the Bridges to Better Business Outstanding Commitment award
  • Recipient of Rise Garfinkel Volunteer of the Year Award Honourable Mention 2019

For copywriting tips and marketing insights, visit Susan's Blog.


Copywriting fees are determined on a per project basis. Let's schedule a call to determine your needs, the complexity of your project, and timeline...then I'll send you a proposal outlining options, fees, and timelines. Contact me - no obligation.

Simply request any changes within 14 days of receiving the draft copy and there's no additional cost - providing they're within the context of the original assignment.

Absolutely - once you've paid the project fees in full, of course! Then all rights revert to you so you can use and re-use it any way you choose.

Happy Clients

Susan Regier is an accomplished thinking-out-of-the-box, change-your-approach person that brings new life to your brand through comprehensive marketing coaching. Combining her marketing savvy with her exceptional copywriting abilities gets you the right message, to the right people, and it is done with flair.
Linda Verde, Copywriter/Editor
Overwhelmed, I could never seem to make enough time to properly write the content I needed to represent and introduce the amazing services my business has to offer our community. It kept getting pushed aside. As an entrepreneur we have so many hats to wear and when we try to take on all of that work ourselves it can be detrimental to our productivity . Before I met Susan Regier I was stressed about not having professional writing to represent myself and my business. Within minutes I knew Susan was the right person to help! She was so welcoming, accepting and supportive. The entire experience from start to finish was consistent, professional and exceeded my expectations. I consider Susan a valuable member of my team for success and truly appreciate our working relationship. The ROI to be had from integrating her services speaks for itself!
Julie Nixon, JENN Photography
We are ecstatic about the work you did on the media release! WOW! We can see why you are a writer; the ink is so clearly in your blood! We look forward to working with you again in the future.
Yvette Thornton, Flying Unlimited
I was lost when it came to knowing what to include in the content on my Web site. Susan gave me clear direction and a voice...she made the content sound like I wrote it myself, but more professional. It makes us confident in our branding. The personal interaction with Susan made a huge impact. She understood what we were looking for and the communication was seamless...I was treated like a person, and not an invoice number. The proposal she worked with us on really represented our firm and it was immediately accepted - we landed a new major client! Susan is the go-to person for all our future marketing projects and communications.
Working with Sue Regier has been a pleasure. Together, we've streamlined the way I conduct and think about my business. I have learned valuable strategies to implement and create products, promotions, and events to create streams of revenue I never previously realized. I thought I was "doing" okay prior to our work together; realistically I was "doing" a lot of things that were wasting energy and simply not effective. I have learned to "do" a lot less, keeping my battery recharged, and "do" the things that have the greatest return on investment. I now create programs to help and mentor other new chiropractic graduates. The support and accountability from Sue, continues to be outstanding. I have exceeded my business goals - doubling my chiropractic practice. Working with Sue for 6 months has provided me a lifetime of understanding.
Dr. Laura Gravelle, Chiropractor, Gravelle Family Chiropractic Wellness Centre
Thank you for sharing so openly with our team. Your experience is wrapped beautifully in your story telling. Your message was clear! The team enjoyed your presentation and it added great value to our meeting. I hope we can work together again soon.
Trish Ronan, President, ENJO Canada
Thank you for your excellent writing skills to create my professional bio and home page for the revised Web site. Love what you've done! Reading it makes me want to hire or at least meet Pauline Duncan-Thrasher. Warm, exciting and inviting all at the same time. I'm very excited about this and finally made the right choice - someone who took the time to connect with who I am as a professional and what I have to offer clients.
Pauline Duncan-Thrasher, Trainer, Speaker, Author
I wanted to let you know how wonderful it has been to work with you over the last couple of months! You have been so connected to what my goals have been, and have amazing skill at identifying the most important details and putting them into a written piece that not only sounds like it comes from me, but also really stands out and gets results! The media release you wrote for me to promote my new book was exceptional, and I was thrilled when a local paper contacted me the very next day to ask me for an interview! The next week, a piece was written about me with a photo of me and my book! And I have continued to see articles written about my book as time goes on, the most recent being a piece in the London Free Press Business Buzz! I really appreciate what you have done for me so far. It is difficult to find someone like you - personality, professionalism, and skill all in one person. I plan to continue using your services as I need them, and I happily refer business to you as opportunities arise. Thank you for everything!
Thanks for writing our media release. It has worked really well. I asked the television reporter how many media releases they receive in a day - and he said nearly 400. I figured they wouldn't read them all but he assured me they do. So when I asked why they picked ours, he said 'it was the way it was written.' A-one job! Thanks a lot!
I am a professional Artist and needed help writing my Artist's bio. I met Susan at a conference and immediately connected with her warm nature. Susan has an innate ability to ask questions and get to the core of the issue. I was impressed by her capacity to pull out the information that was then transformed into a beautifully written piece of art. Susan is not only a very gifted writer but also a writer who really cares.
Gwen Fox, Artist


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